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May 31, 2005 | Updated Mondays


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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
New Minions Eventually

Hey Folks I hope yer all having a good summer. Just a quick note to say there is new Minions on the way. We kinda took a break for teh summer and now were working on some new scripts so stay tuned. In the Next couple of weeks there will be some more delightful hilarity that is Minions!


- Bryce

Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Yeah I know... we ain't exactly regular!

Perhaps we need more bran? Well i dont' think that will help our cartoon out put but anyway...

Sorry for the infrequent posts folks it's been crazy (thankfully... i like to eat) but in the next couple of weeks Mr. Steve Wei and I will be free of our other obligations and will be working on the next batch of Minions and getting back to a weekly schedule. So it will be a little sporadic for a bit with teh updates for a couple weeks but we WILL BE BACK!

no honest!


- Bryce

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Bits and Pieces

Howdy folks. It's crazy busy for us here but instead of missig out on a week I've decided to spilt the lastest Minions into seperate parts and post them up a bit at a time. So next week when you tune in to the adventures of Francis and Cedric and see this same strip again... just scroll down a bit and part 2 of this "page" will be there added on to the bottom of part one.


- Bryce

Monday, May 16, 2005
It's not the frequency.. it's the quality..

Well ok it isn't even about the quality either ..really it's the business.. but rest assured that we will be back to a weekly schedule soon. It' s been crazy busy for both of us. Also I lost a bet and so I've been creating all my new artwork with my teeth. Which not surprisingly takes more time.

Far more time for example then making up lies about why we have been irregularily posting the strip, and almost as much fun.

- Bryce

Monday, May 2, 2005
Don't Forget.. Free comic book day!

Hey Free comic book day is coming up May 7th! whoohoo free comics! Bring a friend or relative who loves comics or someone who hasn't seen one before and get them hooked too...just like crack...only it's good for you!

Also if you're in Toronto the "the Toronto Comics Arts Festival" is coming up soon too. Check it out!

Free Comic Book Day Link

Toronto Comic Arts Festival Link

Congratulations Shuster Award Winners!

They held the first ever "Shuster Awards" this weekend at the Toronto Comiccon here in Toronto (obviously.. where else would they have a Toronto Comicon?). The awards were created to honour the best in Canadian comics talent althogh they forgot about Canadian French language comics but maybe this could be something that's corrected n the future.. or else someone will make a French version.
But anyway they were hosted by Rick Green and Rob Salem and had a great audience turn out.

So i'd just like to say congrats to all the winner's, nominees and hall of fame inductees.... all of whom probably aren't reading this...some because they don't know this site exists and others because they're dead and therefore no longer have access to the internet. heh.

Anyway if yer interested here's the winners:

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer: ( a tie) Samm Barnes- Doctor Spectrum (marvel) & Ty Templeton - Batman Adventures (DC)

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Artist: Kaare Andrews - Spiderman/Doc Oc: year 1 (marvel)

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Cartoonist: Darwyn Cooke - DC: the New Frontier (DC)

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Publisher: Damn.. I can't remember who won this..oops!

Outstanding Canadian Achievement Related to Comic Books: Dave Sim & Gerhard for "completing the landmark run of Cerebus, the longest running creator-owned & published comic book series.

2005 Hall of Fame Inductees: Joe Shuster ( Co- Creator of Superman along with Jerry Siegel), Leo Bachle a.k.a. Les Barker( creator of Johnny Canuck) , Adrian Dingle (creator of Nelvana- the super heroine not the animation company), Hal Foster (Creator of Prince Valiant, & tarzan cartoonist etc), Ed Furness ( lead artist of Anglo American Publishing), Rand Holmes (accomplished underground cartoonist)

and also the Retail Recognition Award went to the late Harry Kremer of "Now & Then Books" in Kitchener Ontario.

- Bryce Hallett

Monday, April 11, 2005
Finally.. NEW MINIONS!

Heya folks. Sorry for the little hiatus everyone has been busy but ..we are back!
Hope we didn't lose to many of you in our absence!

Have a groovy day!
- Bryce

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